Monday, January 19, 2015

5 Ways to Maintain your Creative Space

Rule #1 Cleanliness

Keeping your creative space clean is in reason.  Your creative ideas need good energy to flow! Like a blank canvas, clean brushes with a clean palette or a threaded sewing machine no matter what kind of creative  person you are,  you can NOT possibly create at your best with the remnants of yesterday's, last weeks or last month projects scattered around.  

Cut the Chaos! Prep for your next project by keeping your space clean!

Rule #2  Organize (in your own way)

Let's face it, we as artists, designers, creatives: We are messy and organization for some of us is not a strong suit. 

My Gouache and Watercolor organizer

But think of it this way: Creativity takes time ,time waits for no one , so why not take the time to put all of your creative tools in designated areas for specific projects to cut down the time and stress.  

If you are a seller like me, I like to keep my shipping supplies and materials separate from my other materials.  It also helps with inventory counts so your not purchasing over and over again.  Saving money and time all at the same time!

Shipping Stuff! Photo boxes are great for storage!

Rule #3 Hydrate

I recommend getting a fun tumbler, water bottle or cup to keep yourself hydrated while your working on your projects. Water has a flow and the flow keeps your creative energy going!

Tumbler! A.K.A. my sippy cup

Rule #4 Keep some company 

Meet Foxy!

Foxy hanging out

I had created him about a year ago.  I don't have a pet of my own yet so Foxy is it right now. He keeps me company and makes sure things are going smoothly with my business.  If you have a pet (maybe not a Fox)  they are great to have around.  Of course if you are working with harmful materials you may want to keep them away but pets are nice to have around you while you create.

Rule #5  Music: Create A Playlist

It can be sort of a project in itself but you can thank yourself later for creating them.  Pick your favorite artist, your genre, your favorite bands or songs and just like working out at the gym,  push play and go at it!  My favorite is Spotify. They have monthly subscriptions for 9.99 a month but you can create an account for FREE.  Just download it to your computer and there you have it with millions of songs that you can share with friends! And its mobile too!  You're welcome to listen to my playlists if you'd like :)

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