Friday, January 16, 2015

My Art of Bookmarks

Nothings better than me and my Micron pens 01, 05, 08 in red, green, blue and black along with my gel pens and my blank pre-cut card stock bookmarks.  It's so much fun and can be challenging but that's the fun of it all. 

The challenge to create something within a limited space. 

Pups be knowing....

I love to read and anytime I would put down my new book I used to(like I'm sure most people do) fold the corners of the pages where I would leave off. Although its not a crime to do that unless your borrowing from the public Library in which they may fine you...

Bookmarks? For What?

 I certainly wasn't thinking about purchasing any bookmarks....until the day I had put down an awesome book entitled Gone Girl (ya know, life happens......... then Netflix happened) I didn't pick it up for about a month saw the trailer to the movie and thought oh yeah, I was reading that book let me finish it. And of course with all of the  pre bent corner of pages I had no idea where the heck I had left off ...
Origami bent corners didn't help at all.  

Elephant-ly reading.

Bookmarks are great!  

They keep your books intact and saves you the embarrassment of having someone borrow a book only to find it's corners are all bent up.  Bookmarks can also make great novelty gifts for the book lovers in your life.

Cat, Paw Prints Bookmark

My unique illustrated bookmarks are one of kind and one the of Best Sellers within my Etsy shop.   I will certainly be creating many more.  

I am currently reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  The Book of Month and it's really good so far.  At the end of this month look for a special blog post with my review of the book!

Tell me about what you are reading and if you use bookmarks or not?  

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Create, Share and Grow!

Xoxo, Robin

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