Friday, February 20, 2015

Josephine Baker x Erte Art Mashup part 2

My Josephine Baker collection is coming together nicely and I am so excited to be able share a few pieces with you all.  Among all the snow days I have been able to finish up sketches and put the finishing touches on some of the illustrations.

Researching your subject when it's Josephine Baker is always fun.  Scouring the youtube videos, watching documentaries about her life and viewing other sketches of her I couldn't help but notice that she was truly a woman before her time.  Her devotion to the country of France is admirable.

I am still currently working on the Josephine Baker x Etre Mash up.  All great works take time but I couldn't help but show you guys some snippets on what to expect with the collection with these three finished works thus far. 

Josephine and her Shadow Dance

See how this all got started:  Josephine Baker x Erte Mashup

 More to come! 

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