Monday, February 2, 2015

Josephine Baker x Erte Mash-Up

Josephine Baker

Happy February! 

The month of love and it is Black History Month!  In honor of Black History Month and in something that I have been itching to do for years but haven't quite had the time or gave up on the idea is an illustration collection of one of my favorite Icons and one Amazing human being: Josephine Baker.

Of course we all know her for her swanky moves, the famous Banana dress dance and her fascinating life in Paris.  Well, hell she was Paris during the time!  She literally took over the city.  She was the "Beyonce" of the time.  Everyone loved her and everyone wanted to be her!

Funny, quirky and a brilliant talent.  I can not get enough of Josephine, her life and her legacy not just as a performer but as a human being standing up for human rights and advocate for social change. 

Why Josephine Baker?

Collage of some of Josephine's amazing costumes
I loved the costumes, the dress of pure elegance in her films and performances (okay so some were a bit riskay, topless and all) But many weren't.  The feathers,  the crystals, the furs, silks, satins, her Cheetah: oh all that G L A M O U R! 

Although I am not certain if Erte (a.k.a Romain de Tirtoff) ever knew Josephine, (they both lived in Paris at the same time in the 1920's)  I can't help but wonder if he ever attended her shows to find inspiration.  As an amazing costume designer, jewelry and set design Erte had some amazing and inspirational illustrations.  In both of his autobiographies he quotes to not getting any of his inspiration from anyone or anything...which is obviously highly unlikely since every artist steals (in a good way) from something influential. 

MASH-UP:  Josephine Baker x Erte!

I am taking the inspiration of the amazing Josephine Baker and Romain's a.k.a Erte illustrations and illustrating a collection. I've started sketches so far and you can get a chance to look for them through out the month of February  on my instagram @lemahoganyart so, make sure you follow me on Instagram for all the latest! 

Here's a few from Erte that I picked up for inspiration that I absolutely love.

Etre's Flapper

The revealing of the collection will be February 23rd! 

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