Friday, February 27, 2015

Work Smarter.

"Work Hard. Play Hard."
"Team No Sleep"
"I'll sleep when I'm gone"
"I work Hard."
"Hustle Hard"
"Be Hard."

I'm sure these are all phrases and song lyrics that we have encountered throughout our lives and they are all
 (in my humble opinion)


If you are serious about your business, your craft, your talents, your art I don't believe you should continue saying any of these phrases from this day forward.

10 ways to STOP working Harder and to work Smarter!

1. Hustle in the beginning but after while....

Everyone has to start somewhere.  Hustle means: a force or (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.  I get it.  It's understandable that you want to get your craft, name, talents out there so you do what you have to do make a name for yourself.  Noted.  

But, be careful, "Hustle" can also associate with cheap, fast and now which can ruin your product your name and your brand.  That's a very thin tightrope to tip toe on when you are trying to build a quality business or brand for yourself. Instead observe, study, take note and come up with some ways different than what's already out there. 

In other words plan your hustle first.

2. What's your Blueprint or Pinkprint?

Like the dreaded interview question "where do you see yourself in a year" But this time ask as if you are hiring yourself.   
It should go something like this. 

Robin: "So, where do you see yourself in three years with the LeMahogany Art company?"

Robin2: "Well, I would like to be more global and grow with the brand."

Robin: "Great! You are hired!

In all honesty...what type of business do you want to be?  What's your legacy?  
Questions to ask yourself so you can stop wasting time on wishes.

3. Stop repeating the same ol' ish hoping to get some different results

It's a guaranteed one way ticket to crazy town then here comes your friend Anxiety that wants to come  along for the ride with you.  Change is inevitable so you might as well learn something new from an expert or hire that expert to do it for you. Whether it's help with web design,  getting great advice from an industry expert you want to be in: Don't be afraid to get the help that's needed or too prideful.

4. Sleep. No really, sleep

Health is wealth.  You need to sleep.   It's really worthless to announce how you stayed up all night doing something that you could have avoided but choose not to. 
 It's really not a badge of honor to do so.... so just stop.  Set time aside for creativity then put on your pj's and get a good night's rest. 

Sleep its good for you.

5.  Form your accountability group to keep you on track.

Your squad, your clique of people that can ask you from time to time.  What's happening with your business, art, talents.   You all (my wonderful blog followers) are more of my accountability group along with a few other special folks in my life. 

It helps to have people in your corner pushing you a bit. 

7. Set a deadline and get a timer

Focus your focus.  For example, take an hour of your day on inventory. 1/2 hour finding inspiration, writing or sketching.  It's great on time management and can even out your day.

8. Multitasking

Multitasking = doing a whole lot stuff poorly.  
Nobody can focus on everything at once.  You are only one you.  Delegate your work if you can. But,  you're better off sticking to one task at once and doing it well.

9. Say "No."

Do the stuff you like and want to do. 
 Never be forced to doing or giving your time to something you're not feeling or hate. 
Just Say No.

10.  Organize.  

Check out my blog post on 5 ways to maintaining your creative space.  

When you know where everything is you are already working smarter and cutting down on the stress. 

Happy Friday!

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