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Visualize a restless child at the age of 4 on a church pew.  Scrambling about because honestly who can sit still at that age with all that combustible energy surging through you.  That restless child was me. I remember my Aunt summoned me to go to her in the pew over, she gave a pen and paper and told me to create something for her.  I was immediately hooked.  Creating creatures and characters all over the place including the walls of my parent’s home (unauthorized).  My family has always been supportive of my creativity.  After I graduated from college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising I’ve decided that keeping my illustrations more of a part time hobby then full-time career was the way to keep my creativity child satisfied.  But I wanted and still want more for my creative career. 

Five years later I discovered the wonderful world of Etsy.  June 23, 2010 I officially opened my Etsy shop! As a self-taught illustrator and artist I find my inspiration in just about anything that moves me. Music, a model pose, dance, theater, other master illustrators from Charley Harper to the character makings of Charles Schultz of the peanuts.  What can I say I love comics and I love Vogue. 

We are in a technology age where everything is so computer aided designed and although there’s nothing wrong with it, I feel there’s a loss of authenticity and uniqueness within art.  So, as traditional illustrator I like to keep things pretty “organic” and real. This blog is where you will find behind the scene art/projects I am working, some D.I.Y's for you to try and my love of reading.  Subscribe, share and grow!


Robin Smith 
A Creative Being

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